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Deli Bal Health
Deli Bal and its surprising effects to enhance concentration and psychedelic energy levels

Do you think it is possible to eat wild honey made from the pollen of specific flowers and be a bit under the influence of this so called mad honey? We would like to introduce potential medicinal effects of rhododendron nectar in the traditional mad honey or Deli Bal found in Europe, Black Sea, Turkey, Nepal, Himalaya and other geographic regions.

Deli Bal is called also hallucinogenic honey, but actually this effect is unknown and not true according to our experience and beekeeping tradition.

The story of Deli Bal started, according to media in the Central Asiatic Regions of Turkey and Nepal, but it is not well known that this kind of honey has been harvested in Europe and especially in the Alps already since centuries. It is a dark, reddish honey but can have a yellow and light red color as well, collected from wild bees, different types of wild bees, like the big Apis laboriosa, the caucasica and the carnica, usually its harvested in woodlands, mountain rocks above 2000 m and in cliffs in which honey hunters use wooden poles and cut off pieces of honey combs to harvest the honey. It contains an ingredient from rhododendron nectar called grayanotoxin, a natural neurotoxin, and in small quantities depending on the quality it brings light headedness, concentration and the feeling of being awake, but we did never experience hallucinations, even if its described on the internet and in documentaries, its not true.

The Gurung tribe, resident in regions of Nepal rose to fame after a documentary originally made by Eric Valli and Diane Summers showcasing their risky honey hunting practices climbing steep rocks, with just one target in mind, namely harvesting the precious honey. BBC, Vice magazine (hallucinogenic honey hunters), The North Face (The last honey hunter) and Magic Bees (Magic Bees Honey hunters - Mad Honey Reportage) made further documentaries. We would like to be very precise, Magic Bees is the original pioneer, distributing this kind of mad honey worldwide, especially Deli Bal or Mad Honey produced in Europe, the true is that all other distributors (online) are not revealing their identity, hiding their identity, think about your self why someone has to hide the identity, they make customers believe that they are operating from Istanbul or Kathmandu but actually they operate from somewhere else, and act in an aggressive manner against members of the Magic Bees group.

In Europe this honey has a long tradition as well, even if this kind of honey made in the Alps had originally a low concentration, in the recent 5 years this changed and now a days Europe is producing Deli Bal Mad Honey with higher concentrations of grayanotoxins. Magic Bees has been the first to produce the Deli Bal, Mad Honey Extract actually called Magic Bees Extract, representing a unique honey extract with a very dark brown color, a strong bitter taste and cool potency, a few grams can get you more focused and concentrated, you should not exceed 5 grams of this unique hand crafted Magic Bees Honey Extract, its simply an awakening feeling that you must experience in order to understand it. It is also well known to consume this special mad honey, deli bal with food, because the spicy and bitter flavours develop interesting food concepts and recipes.

Turkey is known to produce this kind of mad honey since a long time and traded Deli Bal with Europe to infuse alcoholic drinks with an extra kick such as wormwood based Absinth for example, with the famous wormwood infused properties. Please note that the Magic Bees Extract, Mad Honey and Deli Bal should not get consumed in large doses because it can cause low blood pressure, numbness, nausea, blurred vision, fainting and in extreme cases probably hallucinations but we can't confirm it. Most people are scared to consume Deli Bal, because a lot of negative information is on the internet, if you use it carefully with limited dosages and described max dosages its obviously very safe, unexperienced clients not knowing about the potency and max dosages per day of Deli Bal or the Magic Bees Extract can get poisoned, very often this is happening to travelers visiting Turkey, Nepal or specific regions in Europe. The Magic Bees Mad Honey Extract can be more potent than the most potent honey from Nepal or Turkey and it can be a bit different as well due to many reasons.

Why is Mad Honey famously found in Europe, Turkey and Nepal?

The Black Sea is one of the honey producing regions in Turkey and Europe as well as the Alps and other regions of Europe. Deli Bal Mad Honey can be different depending also from which type of rhododendron it has been produced, we have more than 700 different species in the world and only a handful feature higher contents of grayanotoxins is saying Dr. Süleyman Turedi from the Technical University in Trabzon Turkey and Jonas Heiloman from Europe, Rhododendron Ponticum and Luteum are two of them. The mountains of the Black Sea, the Alps and woodlands in Europe, mountains of Nepal provide ideal conditions for these flowers, if no other nectar gets mixed in to dilute the rhododendron nectar the result is more pure and strong Deli Bal, Magic Bees honey.

What are some benefits of Deli Bal?

It is used to fight hypertension, stomach diseases and diabetes and it is featuring antiviral and antibacterial properties, positive influences on sexual performances and the libido, historically and traditionally, even if not confirmed by western society and scientists it is used by local populations harvesting this honey to treat hypertension, diabetes mellitus, stomach diseases and circulation issues and for treating the skin. The honey is taken by locals in small amounts before breakfast or eating to enhance the immune system in general, not so strong mad honey qualities are used to prepare food as well, and as an ingredient of food recipes due to the bitter taste and exceptional flavour, spicy and burning sensation when eating it.

Is Deli Bal legal?

Yes, it is legal in Turkey, Nepal and for the consumption of max dosages in Europe and it is legal to consume it in almost all countries worldwide. Only specialized beekeeper produce this exceptional honey and of course you have to be careful to buy the real thing if you purchase it online and you don't know the source. Magic Bees does guarantee to sell the best qualities only, offline and online, different authentic Deli Bal qualities are available, including the well known Mad Honey Magic Bees Extract for an interesting price and best prices available on the market.